Although each cake is unique and a quoted price should be confirmed from Polka Dot Cakes, the list below is hoped to serve as a guideline for basic pricing.



$30/dozen  – includes a gum paste decal, fancy wrapper and butter cream frosting. (Cream cheese frosting is an additional cost of $5/dozen)


$3/each – minimum order 12 ($36)


All prices quoted below are for cakes that stand 4.5″ high with butter cream frosting and basic polka dots. For custom heights, decals and fondant work please contact for a detailed quote.

8″ Round – $55

10″ Round – $75

12″ Round – $90

14″ Round – $115

17″ Square – $150 (serves 100 people)


Double Polka Dots – $10

Gum Paste Flowers & Butterflies – $15 – $75 (depending on complexity)

Fondant – $20+ (depending on cake size)

Delivery – $10 – $50 (depending on destination)

Cupcake Stand Rental – $50

Wedding Cake Stand Rental – $50

Cupcake Wrappers – should be ordered by the bride, and provided to Polka Dot Cakes. Custom wrappers that are ordered in for weddings will be billed to the customer including shipping & handling.

Gift Certificates Available



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